The Significance of Angel Wing Tattoos

Angel wings tattoos have been hugely popular – thanks to their several designs and the many meanings they carry. Women find the angel tattoos feminine, while men usually get this tattoo to show their love and concern for their family. An angel tattoo can be big or small, and can be located over the back or the hip bone.

Symbolism of Angel Wing Tattoos:
Angel are messengers of God and the guardian angles are the ones who protect us from dangers. We usually associate angel with something positive and this is the reason why angel tattoos are popular. Angel wing tattoo may symbolize the following:

  • Freedom
  • Love and concern towards your loved ones
  • A guardian angel hovering over you or protecting you
  • Spiritual dedication
  • A tribute

Designs of Angel Wings Tattoo:
The angel wings tattoo can either be big or small. Bigger tattoos span the entire upper back; one wing covers the left portion, while the other covers the right poriton. These tattoos look realistic and bold.

Small tattoos can be located at the upper back, near the neck. The can also be tattooed over the hip bone. Angel wing tattoos over the hip bone or lower back have become popular since they are feminine and stylish. These tattoos can either be small ones or of a larger size.

Angel wing tattoos with words are popular. Along with the wings tatttoo, you can inscribe the name of your loved one. You can also choose inscribing something which you love in life.

Angel wings tattoos have to be done careful, as the size of the tattoo is crucial. The designs have to be modified to fit your back properly. Angel wing tattoo simply look great and stylish. So, if you thinking of getting one, check out some cool designs and go ahead with getting your tattoo done.

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