What are Cherub Tattoos?

Cherubs are angels which are popular depicted as baby angels on clouds, with a trumpet. Angels are thought to be our protectors and messengers of god. They are a symbol of love, purity, obedience. So, getting a cherub tattoo can remind you of your guardian angels or can symbolize love and purity of an angel.

Cherubs are closely linked with Christianity. Angels are supposed to be both graceful and powerful. They are thought to protect people from evil and harm. The cherubs are also depicted as messengers – carrying important message from God to people. As cherubs carry such good attributes, many people would love to get a cherub tattoo. The lovely wings and the graceful face also gives lot of scope for creativity.

Cherub Tattoo Designs:
A popular cherub tattoo is a winged angel on the cloud with a trumpet or a stringed instrument.A cherub with a bow and an arrow depicts cupid and is a symbol of love. A flying angel or an angel with a heavenly ring around its head is also a popular design. For the wings, the preferred color can be blue. In most cases, the cherubs have a black outline. The features can be well-defined and should preferably be graceful.

Cherub tattoo location can be on the upper back, shoulder, biceps or the neck. A cherub tattoo can be artistic and lovely. It gives off positive energy. A cherub tattoo can depict purity, love and mostly the victory of good over evil.

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