Why Get a Bulldog Tattoo?

Dogs have been, for long, known for their loyalty and jovial spirit. Among them, the bulldog bears a picture of aggression, courage and loyalty. They are adored by many around the world. The bulldogs have also been popular in cartoons. So, a bulldog tattoo can symbolize courage, aggression, loyalty. People also get themselves bulldog tattoos to remind themselves of their pets.

About Bulldog Tattoos:
British bulldog, French bulldog and the American bulldog are the types of bulldog. Among them, the British bulldog is the most aggressive-looking and the bigger dog. Many owners of British bulldog owners take pride in their dog, as it is both fearful and adorable. However, French bulldog and the American bulldog are also adorable pets.

Bulldog Tattoo Ideas:
You can get a bulldog tattoo if you would like to remind yourself of your own bulldog. These kinds of tattoos are realistic, reflecting the real dog. If your bulldog is not with you, a tattoo would be a good reminder of your pet.

Cartoon bulldogs are also colorful and attractive. These tattoos usually have dogs with an angry look, grim look, funny look and other expressions. They give the tattoo artist enough room for creativity and filling in colors.

Bulldog tattoo locations include the biceps, upper back, and upper arms etc. Bulldog tattoos are preferred by men; however, they are also popular among women. Bulldog tattoos can be both lovable and funny. So, if you would like to remind yourself of your dog or if you simply love bulldogs, get yourself a bulldog tattoo.

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