Heart Tattoo with Wings

A heart tattoo with wings symbolizes freedom, new found love, free spirit, bliss and many other things. A heart and wings tattoo is a popular tattoo and an attractive one as it can cover a bigger area on the body. It can be filled with beautiful colors, to make the tattoo truly artistic and appealing. A heart tattoo represents love, while the wings represent freedom – a combination of both of them can bring forth a great tattoo.

Heart tattoo with wings meaning:
A heart tattoo can carry several meanings. It can mean your prayers or wishes carried by the angels to God. It can also mean a freedom from an addiction, or something which has put you down.

A heart and wings tattoo also represents freedom due to love, happiness, bliss, or a free spirit which can represents the freedom you have.

Designs of Heart Tattoo with Wings:

The color of the heart is usually red and the wings can be blue. The wings can be similar to the wide wings of the angels. The contrast of red color heart and blue wings really looks attractive. The heart can also have the yellow ring of an angel above it.

Some heart wings tattoos can carry your loved one’s name. You can inscribe the name across the tattoo, which can make the tattoo all the more special.

The location of heart wings tattoo includes the upper back or the lower back. These tattoos cover a large area on the back and can be pretty attractive. So, get yourself a heart wings tattoo to represent your free and happy spirit.

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