The Significance of Star Ankle Tattoo

An star ankle tattoo looks special as it is not always visible to everyone. It gives an attractive look and enhances the beauty of the wearer. The star ankle tattoo is popular among women, as it is both feminine and bold. For this tattoo, different colors can be used and there can be a lot of scope for creativity and art.

A tattoo on the ankle is preferred as it can be covered by shoes or clothing. The ankle tattoo also looks cute as the tattooed area would be small. Among the ankle tattoos, stars are most popular as they are small and can be filled with a number of colors.

Designs of the Star Ankle Tattoo:
A number of stars together is a good idea for an ankle tattoo. The stars can either be swirling, in a line, or a cluster. A good design is to have a bigger tattoo followed by a group of smaller tattoos. There can also be alternative bigger and smaller tattoos.

The stars can be just having a border or can be filled with dark colors such as red or blue. You can also go for darker stars alternated by stars having just a border. The tattoo can also have stars of different colors such as red, green, blue, violet etc.

You can also go for a single star ankle tattoo. You can fill the tattoo with details, borders, colors and designs. Using multiple colors and adding effects can make the tattoo attractive.

A star ankle tattoo can add both style and beauty. So, if you are thinking of getting an ankle tattoo, a star ankle tattoo would be the best choice.

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