Get Stylish with Skull Tattoos

Skull tattoo is a popular mark which symbolizes death, rebellion, or danger. It continues to be in great demand by the younger generation and the older generation alike. The skull tattoo can be used to symbolize that life is short and it is to be lived fully. The skull and the crossbones is also a popular tattoo which is the symbol of the pirates.

Types of Skull Tattoo:
Skull tattoos come in many varieties and designs. The skull with candlesticks refers to black magic. The skull tattoo can also have a flowing ribbon where a name can be inscribed on it. The skull with the sickle represents death, while the skull with bones is the popular symbol of the pirates. The skull with bones became popular in the 17th century and it still continues to be. It was used by the pirates to ward off the trespassers.

Flaming skull is a symbol for outlaws. Humorous skull tattoos have also become popular. The skull with a hat, or the skull with a cigar, with a microphone, a laughing expression often brings smiles. The skull tattoo can also be a frightening one.

Red is a color which is popular with the skull tattoo. Other bright colors such as blue, orange can add intensity to the tattoo. The tattoo can also be of complete black color or have a black outline. Popular locations of the skull tattoo include the biceps, forearms, and the shoulder. Skull tattoos are stylish and represent danger and rebellion. They can give a bold and attractive look altogether. Make sure you add lots of colors and detail to get the best skull tattoo.

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