Significance of Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

The cherry blossom tree tattoo is wide, colorful and has a beautiful pattern. It holds great significance in the Japanese and Chinese cultures. The cherry blossom tree is ideal if you would like to get yourself tattooed over a large area or cover a scar. It also gives a lovely pattern with all the branches and the flowers.

Significance of Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo:
In Chinese culture, cherry blossom represented feminine beauty, love and independence. The cherry blossom was considered delicate yet powerful. So, the cherry blossom can symbolize a powerful and independent yet delicate woman.

According to Japanese culture, cherry blossom represents the transient nature of life. The flower of this tree blossoms for a little while, only to fall onto the ground. Hence, this tattoo symbolizes the transient nature of life. It reminds us that life keeps changing and is temporary, and that it is wise to live our life to the fullest without holding onto the past hurts.

Design of the Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo:
The cherry blossom tree tattoo has a branch with a number of blossoming flowers all over. The flowers can be bright red or pink. Some of the flowers can be symbolized as falling. The contrast of black/brown branches with red flowers gives a beautiful look to the tattoo. You can either include few branches or the full cherry blossom tree.

The most preferred location of the cherry blossom tree tattoo is the back. It can cover a large area of the back and at the same time look feminine and beautiful. It can also be used on the shoulder or any other area using a smaller designs.

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