What is a Henna Tattoo?

Henna Tattoo
Henna tattoo is a temporary tattoo which is popular in Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and North Africa. The tattoo paste is applied to the skin and then left to dry overnight. The next day, the dried paste is washed away to get a reddish-brown colored temporary tattoo. Henna tattoo became popular in the West in the 1999s and is now preferred by many women to adorn their hands and feet.

Henna tattoo paste is made from the henna dried. This paste is available in a plastic cone or a bottle. The henna tattoo can last for few weeks to months. Henna tattoo is closely associated with the culture of the East. Weddings, festivals, birthdays and other ceremonies are preferred times when this tattoo is worn. The henna tattoo is usually drawn on the feet, legs, and palms.

Designs of the Henna Tattoo:
Henna tattoo designs are artistic and attractive. Designs include floral patterns, geometric shapes and other designs. The henna tattoo contains fine lines which are beautifully drawn to create an attractive pattern. The reddish brown color with the background as skin color, gives the tattoo a beautiful appearance.

The henna tattoo is applied using pre-mixed henna pastes. It can be applied using a paint brush, henna tubes or a stencil.

Henna Tattoo and PPD:
To give the henna tattoo a black color, some manufacturers use the dye Phenylenediamine (PPD). However, PPD can cause severe allergic reaction in some people. Hence, while buying a henna tattoo kit, make sure it is PPD free.

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