Why Get a Black Cat Tattoo?

Cats are playful, independent and mysterious. Many people adore them as pets. So, it is no wonder that many love to get cat tattoos. A black cat tattoo looks stylish and feminine.  The cartoon form of black cat with a long, curved tail and a thin neck is popular. However, people also prefer a tattoo which reflects a real cat with bright eyes.

Designs of Black Cat Tattoo:
A black cat tattoo can be a furry kitten or a ferocious cat. Some designs depict only the head of the black cat with piercing eyes. Most of the black cat tattoos look ferocious and mysterious. However, a black tattoo can also be a cute and cuddly one. Cartoon black cats are also popular.

There also other designs such as a cat on the moon, cat near the flowers, cat with a background of moon or stars. The eyes of the black cat can be yellow, red or simply white.

Why Get a Black Cat Tattoo?
A black cat symbolizes independence and mystery. It can also convey an aggressive personality. The tattoo can be a big one or a tiny one. The black cat in itself can be a ferocious one or a funny cartoon cat.

Black cat tattoo can be located on the ankle, shoulder, or neck. However, the size of the tattoo can be altered to fit anywhere.

A black cat tattoo is best suited if you would like to cover a mark or a scar. The black tattoo can completely cover the mark and give a stylish look. A black tattoo is also supposed to be easy to remove.

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