Cupcake Tattoo: A Yummy Tattoo

A cupcake is sweet and yummy. Reminding of it can make us smile. Most people love the smell of the cupcake. A cupcake tattoo can be a symbolism of happiness or it can represent a sweet person. However, a cupcake tattoo can be beautiful in itself. You can use bright and bold colors in a cupcake tattoo. It can be stylish, artistic and beautiful.

Cupcake Tattoo Designs:
A cupcake design consists of a cup, which is generally of a brighter color and a lighter colored cake. The cup can be a streaked one; you can use colors such as light green, orange, brown for the cup. The cup can have alternative shades of dark and light colors. The cake which blossoms out of the cup can be swirled or have ups and downs like a normal cake. Pink, violet red are some of the colors you can use for the cake.

You can use hearts in the cake to make it more attractive. Most cupcake tattoos have cherries on the cake. The tattoo can be surrounded with candy or lollipop. The cupcake tattoo you choose can be a realistic one or a fancy one with all bright colors.

Location of Cupcake Tattoo:
Cupcake tattoo locations include the arm, shoulder, and feet. A small cupcake tattoo can even fit on the wrist. A cupcake tattoo looks modern and cute. For some it is girly and cute, but this tattoo is popular even among men. A cupcake tattoo is a colorful tattoo which can look cute. Do take a look at real cupcakes and other pictures to decide a design which best suits you.

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