Show Your Love Through a Heart Wrist Tattoo

Heart represents love, unity, togetherness and its a symbol which is cherished all over the world A heart wrist tattoo can be a special tattoo which reminds you of your loved ones, when you are far away from them. It can also represent the unending love for the special one in your life.

Designs of Heart Wrist Tattoo:
Heart wrist tattoo can be a simple outline of a heart. A small, colorful heart can also look beautiful on the wrist. Preferred colors are blue, red, violet or other dark colors. If the heart tattoo is bigger or if it fits your wrist, you can use soothing colors such as light blue.

You can have a heart tattoo with your loved ones name across the tattoo. A heart tattoo on each wrist can represent eternal love. Other popular heart wrist tattoo designs are heart surrounded by flowers, stars and heart, heart with wings, heart with an arrow and a golden heart.

A heart wrist tattoo is a symbolism of love and it reminds you of your loved one every time you look at your arm. A tiny heart tattoo can be easily hidden as it does not show up unless you turn your wrist to show your tattoo.

So, if you want to convey your love, bonding, or the extent of your love to someone, it is ideal to get a heart wrist tattoo. The ones in love can get identical tattoos each others wrist. With a number of heart wrist tattoo designs available, choose the one which looks good on the wrist and conveys your love.

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