Why Get a Butterfly Wrist Tattoo?

Butterflies are colorful, delicate, and feminine. They represent transformation, a new beginning or a brighter future. There are thousands of species of butterflies and people have been fascinated by these colorful winged creatures. A butterfly wrist tattoo can be bright, colorful, and can be a permanent mark of beauty on your arm.

A butterfly wrist tattoo can be easily hidden, as the wrists are usually turned inwards. A slight twisting of hand can give others a peek into your tiny cute butterfly tattoo. On the wrist, tiny butterfly tattoos look beautiful. You can choose a color such as blue, violet, red etc. to brighten up your arm. Bigger butterfly tattoos can give you the freedom to fill in a number of colors and add detail.

Significance of a Butterfly Tattoo:
Butterflies are loved by many as they are colorful and pretty. They represent change or transformation. They can also symbolize freedom and energy. In ancient cultures, butterflies have been thought to be souls of people. In China, two butterflies flying together represent love and in Japan they represent a happy marriage. Although these tattoos are preferred by women, men can also wear butterfly tattoos to remind themselves of their loved ones.

A butterfly wrist tattoo can either be a tiny one or the one which fits the wrist. Tiny tattoos look cute and for bigger tattoos you can experiment with bright colors. Before getting yourself a butterfly wrist tattoo, go through the pictures of real butterflies. This will inspire you to choose the one which you like the best. A butterfly wrist tattoo can give your arm a beautiful look and can convey your dreams and aspirations.

3 responses to Why Get a Butterfly Wrist Tattoo?

  1. Butterfly tattoos look beautiful regardless of their position on the body. They look beautiful on the shoulder too.

  2. Butterfll tattoos just look common – why not get something that every third girl walking down the street doesn’t have?

  3. Tattoos talk a language of your heart. They bring out your feelings and lifestyle . You can use your tattoo designs as a style of expression. Many people use tattoos to communicate diverse things, always their personality. Some also use them to express love and emotions.

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