Significance of Shooting Star Tattoo

A shooting star tattoo is one of the popular star tattoo designs. A shooting star is actually a meteor which, when passing through the Earth’ atmosphere, burns up and disappears. It leaves a trail of fire across the sky. It is a beautiful sight to see a shooting star and people associate it with wish, hope and good luck.

Significance of Shooting Star Tattoo:
A shooting star tattoo can represent a new hope for a new tomorrow. It can also represent a wish to be achieved. Some people get a shooting star tattoo to remember a memorable but fleeting moment of their lives. The several stars in the tattoo can also the represent loved ones in your life. A shooting star tattoo can be used to convey various meanings, but it simply can be an expression of art.

A real shooting star actually looks like streak of light across the sky. You can have a star with a tail of flame behind it. A popular tattoo design is a star followed by several smaller stars. The smaller stars are surrounded bold or thin curvy lines. You can use a five pointed star or a six pointed star.

A black and white shooting star tattoo would look attractive. You can also use bright colors such as blue, red or green. Popular locations of shooting star include shoulders, back, arms, ankles or the abdomen.

A shooting star mostly represents good luck or long cherished wish. It is a very feminine tattoo. So, get one to convey your wish or to just add a beautiful work of art on your body.

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  1. star tattoos are really great. I love colorful star tattoos. Colors actually enhance their beauty. Moreover, they signify something positive and hence it is good to have them.

  2. Shooting stars do signify good luck and so it is very nice to have one for a tattoo.

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