Star Foot Tattoos

Star foot tattoos are cute, attractive and they give a pretty look to the feet.  A shining star in the sky has been an inspiration for a number of poems, songs and stories. Getting a star or stars on the feet can be enchanting and at the same time artistic. Star foot tattoos are generally preferred by women as they give a feminine appearance. In fact, Kate Hudson and Anna Kournikova have star tattoos on their feet.

The star has also been for long associated with sailors and pirates. A star symbol was supposed to bring good luck to those on the sea. It also symbolizes that a person belongs to a particular group and has been adopted by punk movement and martial artists. Star tattoos have been used to symbolize friendship, love, or a winning movement in life. It can also reflect the aspirations to become a star in one’ life.

The star design is artistic and gives a cool look. You can experiment with various colors, make it look 3 dimensional, add backgrounds to the star to make it look attractive. Adding lines around the star can give the appearance that the star is traveling or speeding.

Some star designs have a bigger star, which is partially encircled by tiny stars ; the larger star is filled with bright colors such as red, green, blue etc. Other examples of star tattoos include larger stars alternated by tiny stars or stars with colors alternated by plain stars. Some prefer to have only a tiny single star on their foot. Some designs of tattoos give the impression that the stars are traveling along the feet.

Star tattoos on foot provide a lot of scope for creativity. It can convey your aspirations, celebration, story or simply give you an attractive look.

The origin of star tattoos on foot

Foot tattoos are considered as exotic and rare. The star tattoos were born as the result of pop culture. The celebrities made it popular by tattooing stars on their body. The music stars used this tattoo as a representation of their stardom and popularity.

Types of star tattoos

There are different types of star tattoos. They differ in size, shape and in model of the design.

The tattoos might be classified on the basis of the following:

  • One star or more: The star tattoos on foot might be one or more than one. You might design the tattoo in a lined form, big single star, or in a curve shape.
  • Dimension: You might decide the size. Make it big, medium or small and if desired give it a three dimensional appearance.
  • Shade: The desired shade might be decided after fixing the size and number of star tattoos. You might add a tint of red, blue, green after using black as a main color.

Advantages of star tattoos on foot

The tattoos are of different styles. One can have them wherever on the skin. A tattoo artist might create an extraordinary design.

But when you are getting older, you might not like the design. You might feel that the existing design does not fit my personality. This kind of rethinking might not happen in the case of a star tattoo because the classic design goes very well with all the ages.

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  1. i simply love star tattoos. its was good to read the write up that described the significance of star tattoos.

  2. hey i have a question could someone please make me a tattoo design with some stars and has to do with my daughters name too… her name is addison and id really like to have something for her. shes seven months old and shes my life. her dad left and shes all i got and id really like to get something done for her…. please id really appriciate it. my email address for public.

    thanks soo much for your time… 😉

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