Tribal Armband Tattoo

An armband is actually a piece of cloth which is worn over the arm. It signifies that the wearer belongs to a certain group, is of a certain rank, or his condition. An armband is also used to show affection to a particular group, hero, or a person you love. Thus a tribal armband tattoo shows conveys an relationship among a particular group or it can just be fashionable.

A tribal armband tattoo is usually worn by men over the biceps. The tattoo usually travels round the arm, but sometimes it is etched on only one side of the arm. A tribal armband tattoo shows strong character, masculinity, leadership qualities and aggressiveness. It often accentuates the muscles.

Benefits of Tribal Amrband Tattoo:
Tribal armband tattoo has several benefits such as:

  • Tribal armbands come in various designs and shapes. With a number of designs available, you can get a tattoo which truly reflects your feelings or which makes you look strong and aggressive
  • This tattoo is usually worn on the upper arms. As a result they accentuate the bicep muscles and give a masculine look
  • Tribal armband tattoos are easy to hide and show off. Wearing a shirt would conceal the tattoo while you are at work. Similarly, you can wear a tank top or a sleeveless shirt to show off your tattoo
  • As this tattoo is done on the arm, it is reportedly less painful than other tattooing areas

Before going for a tribal armband tattoo, go through the various designs available. Hawaiian designs usually have a backdrop of animals such as dolphins, turtles etc. Free hand tattoos have lines which curve in and around the hand. Maori designs have a number of lines shaped artistically. Whatever the design, a tribal armband tattoo can give a tough look to the wearer and show that he/she means business.

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