Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish tattoos are popular Japnese tattoos which symbolize strength, perseverance and strong character. These tattoos are colorful, bright and a creative tattoo artist would use contrasting colors to give a beautiful look to the tattoo. A koi fish holds significance in both Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Koi fish are freshwater fish with bright colors. They can swim against powerful water currents towards the upstream. Hence, a koi fish tattoo may symbolize facing challenges head on and reaching your goals through determination and perseverance. According to a Chinese legend, a koi fish transforms into a dragon after climbing the Golden Gate

The koi fish looks bright and bold, with contrasting colors. Hence, its tattoo can symbolize a strong masculine exterior. A koi fish can complement a muscular personality when worn on the forearm.  Koi is also a homophone to love. So, if you have a romantic person with a strong personality and muscular body, this tattoo would be ideal for you. These tattoos also symbolize luck along with power.

Koi fish tattoos come in many varieties.  Black and white tattoos are common among them. Other tattoos take up the realistic appearance of the fish.  Red, black, orange, blue colors can be used creatively. While men can wear this tattoos on the forearm or calf, women can wear this tattoo on the lower back.

Koi fish have the ability to push their entire body out of water while leaping. Hence, a good koi fish tattoo background is the image of the fish leaping out water, with a splash of water around. Choose the koi fish tattoos based on your favorite design and colors to have a powerful look.

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  1. Though they were initially considered socially unsatisfactory for girls, with the variety of celebs that are now sporting elaborate tattoos, they are becoming more acceptable and preferred for girls. Naturally most women want to go with a feminine design that will add a pretty touch to their body.

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