Frog Tattoo

A Frog tattoo can be cute, colorful and can convey a powerful message. Frogs have been associated with luck, life and prosperity. In Japanese culture, frogs are considered to be lucky, as they return you good luck. So, whether you are a traveler, gambler or a pursuer of dreams, a frog tattoo can make you feel lucky. Frog tattoos can also colorful, with a background of water lilies, pond, or flowers- which can make you all the more attractive.

Native Americans have a unique respect for frog, as they believe this creature to be a rain maker. North American tribes perceive frog as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and wealth. While ancient Egyptians believed frog to be a guide a protector to the afterlife, modern day Christians put on ‘frog’ as an acronym for “Forever Rely On God.”

When you are going for a frog tattoo, the best part is you have a number of varieties, colors and backgrounds. One good idea is to portray the frog climbing the arm or leg. Frogs can be of colors green, orange, or a combination of your choice colors. The location for a frog tattoo can be on the chest, upper back, lower back, or shoulders.

There are many varieties of frog designs available- the best are the ones which are natural. A tree frog is a popular choice among them. The tree frog is bright green, and has red eyes and orange feet which can make the tattoo artistic. Dart and Mantell frogs are poisonous frogs -which can be filled with orange, yellow, or red colors. You can also add streaks or lines to the frog to make it look realistic. Tribal frog tattoo with sharp strokes is also a good choice.

Some people prefer cartoon frog tattoos. The frog can look funny, cute, sarcastic, or with its tongue lapped outwards. Cartoon frog tattoos give you the freedom to experiment and convey a specific message.

Though many people may not go for frog tattoo, when you put on a frog, it would be unique, stylish -yet you would be able to make a strong statement with it.

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