Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbirds are wonderful little birds which are known for their ability to hover around in one place with their rapid fluttering of wings. These birds are colorful and are usually seen near flowers -thus a humming bird tattoo can have beautiful colors with a great background.

Along with eagle tattoos and swallow tattoos ,  hummingbird tattoos are becoming popular. These tattoos signify freedom and celebration. Although they give a feminine look, men can also adorn a hummingbird tattoo with the name of their wife, girlfriend or daughter alongside it.

Significance of Hummingbird tattoo:
A hummingbird is viewed upon as a spiritual creatures in some cultures. Brazilian and Indian folklore have stories in which these birds play the role of a mythical characters. In modern times, we admire hummingbirds for their ability to hover and their presence around beautiful flowers makes them all the more attractive.

A hummingbird tattoo can signify joy, celebration and hope. Savoring each moment, embracing life, enjoying the beauty around – can be the several messages a hummingbird tattoo can convey.

Hummingbird Tattoo – Setting:
A hummingbird tattoo can be extremely colorful with a beautiful setting. You can go for your favorite color combination, embellishing the hummingbird’ feathers. The setting of the hummingbird tattoo can be the bird hovering over flowers or drinking nectar.

If you already have flower tattoos, you can incorporate this tattoo easily. Including two hummingbirds in your tattoo can also be a good option.

Hummingbird Tattoo – Placement:
A hummingbird tattoo can be sized and used in your chosen location- ankle, upper arms, lower back, lower stomach, outer leg etc. Another option is to use the tattoo on your shoulder which can give an impression of the bird perching on you.

While choosing a hummingbird tattoo, make sure you choose your favorite colors, designs, background etc. to make it unique and wonderful.

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