All About White Ink Tattoos

Tattoos are generally dark, colorful and vibrant. Understated and discreet are the two words you won’t use to describe a tattoo. But these days white ink tattoos have become one of the popular tattoo trends. As the name suggests white ink tattoos are the tattoo designs which are drawn entirely with white ink. Contradicting to the normal tattoo, white ink tattoos are so subtle that they are hardly visible.

How White Ink Tattoos are inked?
White ink tattooing does not follow the traditional tattoo process i.e. stenciling and outlining in black ink. A specially designed thick high quality white ink is used for white tattoos. With the help of very sharp needle, tattoo artist pushes the white ink into the skin. To ensure that white ink sinks completely into the skin, white tattoo requires a number of passes over the area.

Once the tattoo is done it might give a distorted or puffy look which will subside after the healing period. The tattoo artist can use stencil or can make it freehand. In case of stencil, tattoo artist makes sure that ink from the stencil does not mix with the white ink. Once the white ink tattoos are inked completely they leave a ghostly image on the skin. Generally white tattoos have the effect of branding, a scarification process.

Designs for White Ink Tattoos:
For white ink tattoos simple tattoo designs like animals or portraits are the best option. One can even go for Celtic and Tribal designs white ink tattoos but they will look better as an outline. Small solid images or words are also good choice to be inked in white. It is better to choose a design which is easier and likely to have very little complications.

More about White Ink Tattoos:
According to many tattoo artists white ink tattoos look best on pale skin or fair complexion people. It is advisable for people with dark skin to refrain from white ink tattoos as their skin might not take enough of white ink so as to appear bright. Secondly the best place to get white ink tattoo is the area which is less exposed to sunlight. Due to excessive sun exposure the white tattoo might fade resulting in a yellow or brown tint.

Lastly before going for white ink tattoo you need to discuss the tattoo thoroughly with your tattoo artist.

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