Significance of Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos among women around the world. The delicate and beautiful flowers of cherry blossom are considered to be an ultimate symbol of grace and beauty. Besides being symbol of beauty and grace, cherry blossom tattoo also holds great cultural significance especially in Chinese and Japanese culture. Let’ have a close look at the significance of cherry blossom tattoo.

  • In Chinese culture, cherry blossom flowers are considered to be symbol of love. Cherry blossom tattoo symbolizes sexuality and feminine.
  • Cherry blossom blooms for a very short period of time around 2 weeks. So in Japanese culture cherry blossom tattoo represents transience of life.
  • The Japanese symbolism of cherry blossom tattoo holds strong connection with Buddhism stating that all things in life are transitory.
  • In Japanese culture, fallen cherry blossom also holds a great significance and is associated to snow. One can find many literal references connecting fallen cherry blossom and snow in Japanese culture.

Now that you are aware of the significance of cherry blossom tattoo, think how cherry blossom connects with your personality. You can ink this beautiful flower on different body parts like ankle, shoulder, naval area, etc. Besides that you can either get small or big flowers, small branch or even whole tree tattooed on your body.

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  1. Cherry blossom tattoos are a relatively new concept. They are becoming more and more popular, though. Cherry blossoms are deeply rooted in the histories of certain cultures. They are particularly popular among the Chinese and Japanese cultures. Although, not always for the same reasons. So, before you get one, you should be aware of the many meanings they can have.This kind of tattoos symbolize many things in the Chinese culture. They are an indication of power and dominance in some cases. At other times, though, they can also show feminine delicacy. They can also indicate love and feminine sexuality.However, Japanese culture indicates that cherry blossom tattoos represent the fact that life is always changing. Change is the only thing you can rely on. Buddhism is the source of that sort of thought, in general. That concept is widely attached to cherry blossom tattoos in Japanese culture because they only last for a short time. Japanese people also believe that a fallen cherry blossom is the sign of a soldier lost in battle.

    Furthermore, they have been incorporated into Japanese body suits, sleeves and back pieces over the centuries that their individuality has gone a bit by the wayside. Even though they don’t stand alone often in Japanese culture anymore, cherry blossoms are still important icons in Japan, though. Therefore, cherry blossom tattoos are equally symbolic.The Japanese sentiment toward cherry blossoms was immortalized in a line from a poem by Motoori Norinaga in the 18th century. “If I were asked to define the spirit of Japan, I would call it the blossom of the mountain cherry, scattering its scent in the morning sun” it states. Its reflect that same spirit to the Japanese public.In short, a cherry blossom tattoo is not just a cute addition to your body. Depending on how you look at it, it can mean many things. It can be an indicator of how fragile and short life is. It can remind you and everyone that sees it that we only live once. Life is too short to put things off. It can be a reminder of life lived, love lost or gained or eternal hope.The next time you look at a cherry blossom, you might do well to keep all of that in mind. If you decide to get one, remember that different people view cherry blossom tattoos in different ways. They should be understood, before they can be fully enjoyed.

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