Is It Safe To Get Tattoo During Pregnancy?

Many pregnant women out there wish to get a tattoo but are worried regarding its safety. The first question which comes in their mind is: Is it safe to get tattoo during pregnancy? According to doctors and tattoo artists the answer to your question is NO. There are many risks related in getting a tattoo during pregnancy. Some of the major risks associated are listed below:

  • Risk of infection is one of the major risks related to the process during pregnancy. Getting tattoo during pregnancy increases the chances of infections like HIV and hepatitis. The risk of infection reduces with proper sterilization of the needles used for tattoo making.
  • It is seen that some tattoo artist refuses to make tattoo on expecting mother because there are chances of fainting. Dizziness or fainting is bad, both for the expecting mother as well as the developing child.
  • The ink used for making tattoo is other reason why tattoo is not safe during pregnancy. Though there are no studies showing the affect of ink absorbed on the developing fetus but as a precautionary measure tattooing is avoided during pregnancy.
  • Due to cosmetic reasons also one should avoid tattooing during pregnancy. After the delivery the skin is no longer stretched hence affecting the look of the tattoo adversely. Tattoos are made to stay for life-long hence it is better to wait till you gain your normal shape and weight after pregnancy.

Even after reading the above mentioned risks associated to tattoo during pregnancy you wish to get one, it is better you consult your doctor. It is better to check the hygiene of the tattoo parlor and keep the artist informed regarding your pregnancy.

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  1. I disagree. Most doctors will admit that there has been extensive research into the idea. There is no valid argument either way as to the dangers or lack there of. The risks are the same for a non-pregnant woman getting tattooed as they are for a pregnant woman. the only difference is that hormones may make your body react differently.

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