Make Up to Cover Tattoo

Going for an important function tonight and wish to cover your highly prominent tattoo? Don’t worry as you can easily cover your tattoo with simple make-up tricks and tips. The question arises is how to cover tattoo with make-up? All you require is red-based lipstick, concealer, translucent powder and few make-up brushes. Here are some useful make-up tips to cover your tattoo:

  • First and foremost clean your tattoo with soap and water so as to remove the entire oil and dirt residue. Cleaning your inked skin also ensure proper sticking of the make-up on your skin.
  • With the help of a small synthetic make-up brush cover your tattoo with red based lipstick. It is advisable to apply 2-3 thin coats and to start from the outer area of the tattoo. Leave it for few minutes and allow it to dry.
  • Now select a cool tone concealer and with the help of a medium synthetic make-up brush apply a coat on the tattoo. Lighter tone of concealer helps in counteracting the dark tone of the lipstick.
  • Apply 2-3 thin coats of concealer using wide strokes to conceal your tattoo. Before you proceed to next step allow it to dry for 5 minutes.
  • Select warm tone concealer matching exactly your skin tone. Using medium brush apply 2-3 thin coats of concealer.
  • But in case red lipstick base is still visible then apply more coats of concealer. Wide strokes starting from the edge of the tattoo will be preferable.
  • Lastly with the help of fluffy medium bronzer brush cover the tattoo with translucent powder. This is the most important make-up step to cover tattoo. This step helps in smudging resistance and setting the make-up.

Before ending the article remember that it is not advisable to cover a fresh tattoo. Allow the tattoo to heal completely as early exposure to make-up products might irritate the skin and trigger an infection.

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