Why Get a Snail Tattoo?

A snail is a relatively rare, but unique tattoo design. Snail represents a slow but steady progress in life. It is a fact that a snail, although slow, strives to reach its goal. A snail tattoo gives a lot of scope for creativity and bright colors. Blue, green, orange, red and similar colors can be added to make the tattoo truly attractive.

Meaning of a Snail Tattoo:
A snail, as mentioned above, represents a steady progress in life. The spiral nature of the snail shell can symbolize inner consciousness. The snail has antennae, which it uses for exploration – this can symbolize awareness and a good sensory perception. In Mayan culture, snail has been associated with wind, where gods were depicted as riding on snail shells.

Designs of Snail Tattoo:
A snail tattoo leaves a lot of room of creativity. Bright colors, beautiful designs can be used for this. Green body, with blue shell and other combinations can be used. A green shell with orange body is also a good idea. The snail can be shown as smiling to look cute and lovely. Snail tattoos depicted as cartoons are popular. Many people choosing a snail tattoo do so because its colorful, cute and lovely.

Popular locations for snail tattoo can be the ankle, near the collar bone, shoulder and the arm. The background of the tattoo can be grass, tree or a colorful backdrop. A snail tattoo, although rare, is unique. Get this if you love colors and like variety.

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