Cupid Tattoos

Cupid Tattoos are very cute forms of body art. They symbolize “True Love” and are mostly done on the arms and legs of young boys and girls during the Valentine Season.

Cupid is a cute little cherub, a small boy who takes in the form of a human, shooting out hearts of love. This figure has been famously associated with love since the time of the Greeks.

Also, very famous, thanks to the Shakespearean comedy-“The Midsummer Night’ Dream “, cupids have become eternal representation of love.

One can get them almost on any part of the body-hands, legs, arms, back etc.

These tattoos look very good when colored. Black and white tattoos aren’t so appealing. They look good when colored with bright colors.

Always make sure that you are getting it tattooed near an experienced tattoo artist, even if it is a touch expensive.

Getting tattoos done near a cheap tattoo artist, in unhygienic conditions will lead to skin infection.

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