Black Light Tattoos Which Glow In The Dark

Black light reactive ink is another great way of tattooing your body. The best part about this form of body art is that the tattoo will not be visible in ordinary daylight, but as the name suggests will be visible only in “Black” light.

There have been several questions raised about the safety of this form of body art. The FDA has tested it, in order to find out how safe it is and it has been proved to be harmless. It has been reportedly used from the past 10 years and there has never been an issue of complaint against this form of body ink.

1. Researches and studies conducted have proven that this form of body art does not contain phosphor, which tends to burn the skin.
2. Also, because of its property to glow, many people think that black light tattoos are radio active in nature, when in reality they are not.
3. In order to make the ink pigment glow, many companies add an additive called “Ever Glow” to their inks. This additive is said to be very harmful and causes lot of harm to the skin. The black light tattoos however, do not include this additive in their ink. Their contents include 97% of Polymethylmethacrylate and 2.5% of fluorescent dye and sterilized, distilled water.
4. Also, there is another myth that this ink causes skin cancer. Tests by the FDA prove that the black light reactive ink is absolutely harmless and contains no carcinogens.
5. This same ink is further used for tracking down animals, especially the fish, which is regularly served at our dinner table. And is found to have no harmful effects on humans.
6. There is no fear of the ink “blowing out” and spreading out into the other layers of the skin, as the ink is contained in micro capsules and is coated with a PMMA shell.

In order to be surer of its effects you can consult experts and get information from them. Once you are convinced you can go in for this form of tattoo, and flash it off at the discos and pubs.

4 responses to Black Light Tattoos Which Glow In The Dark

  1. They do not, in any such way “Glow in the dark” as the title states, only under a black light.

  2. Please edit that, it doesnt glow in the dark.. It is visible under a blacklight. People arent going to see you glow if its dark outside.

  3. the glow in the dark tattoo is a different tattoo than the black light

  4. Thanks for the great info, I will definitely be back!

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