Crescent Tattoos

Crescent tattoos, are very common form of body arts. Mostly seen on the body of women, these tattoos are mostly preferred by the feminine gender.

The Crescent moon is inscribed along with stars, fairies, and angels. These tattoos are mostly seen on the lower back, ankles and wrists.

The crescent moon initially was a symbol of Islamism and was considered to be very holy. However, with the change of times, its interpretation has taken a different form. Crescent Tattoos are used to depict fertility and light amidst darkness.

It is used to denote calmness in the face of adversity. Mostly it is done in order to remember the tough period of one’ life. It is depicted with a serpent twisted around the Crescent Moon.

Crescent tattoos in some cultures are used as a romantic expression. The crescent moon is used as a lucky charm, to protect lovers from the wrath of the evil eye. This expression is depicted in the form of a smiling Crescent Moon.

Its interpretation differs from individual to individual. Crescent tattoos are also done for style alone with no meaning in mind.

However, while getting it tattooed make sure you get it done near a certified tattoo artist, in hygienic conditions, to prevent the risk of infection.

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