Risks Of Getting A Pregnancy Tattoo Done

Getting a tattoo done during pregnancy is said to be a big no-no. There are various medically valid reasons for it.

  • Tattooing during pregnancy is said to affect the unborn baby’ health.
  • Women, unable to endure the pain of tattooing tend to faint, the shock of getting the artwork on the baby bump is said to be overwhelming.
  • Tattooing on the stomach is said to be extremely painful, and a pregnant lady’ stomach is a very delicate place. Avoid getting a tattoo on your stomach.
  • Tattooing leads to pre-mature labor, which is very harmful for the baby.
  • A women’ skin tends to stretch during pregnancy, and contracts after pregnancy. So if one gets a tattoo done on one’ stomach during pregnancy, there are chances of it looking very ugly once the skin contracts. The structure of the skin undergoes lot of fluid retention and hormonal changes. So it is best if one waits for some time after the baby’ delivery and gets a tattoo done.
  • The body absorbs the ink used during tattooing, and there are chances that the chemicals used in the ink may affect the unborn baby.

 What If You Still Want The Tattoo

But if still one is very insistent on getting a tattoo done, one can get it done on their ankle, wrist or arms. Avoid tattooing on the stomach.

Why Do Women want a tattoo done During Their Pregnancy

Most often women want a tattoo done in order to symbolize their phase of pregnancy and to remember their period of pregnancy.

One should take a step only after analyzing the pros and cons of tattooing.


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  1. The particals in the tattoo ink can possibly obstruct the baby’s vessels causing death of surrounding tissues. Some studies have linked miscarrage of the fetus due to tattoo work done at early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, it’s just a good idea not to get a tattoo if you are pregnant.

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