Cute Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are catching up as a prominent trend amongst the teen-agers. It is also seen mostly on the feet of the beach goers. Adorned with a cool anklet, the tattoo looks really chick on the feet of the wearer.

Not just the ankles, the toes are also adorned with flashy nail paints and tattoos.

Very few people go in for a foot tattoo, because tattooing over the bone is said to be very painful then tattooing over the flesh.

It would be best if the tattoo were done below the toes, rather than on the toes or the side of your feet.

One can get done small tattoos of a different variety, a flower, a dolphin, a star, a butterfly are really cute pieces of art that can be done on your feet.

The flower tattoos are the most prominent, and adorn many a feet. Mostly popular amongst young girls, foot tattoos really look stylish.

One can also dare to be different and go in for a foot tattoo, in accordance to their choice.

Coloring them with bright colors will really add glamour to the feet. Once you get your feet tattooed, wear flip-flops or slippers or any open footwear for that matter to flaunt of your newly adorned tattoos.

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  1. what is the age you have to be to have a tattoo done in a actual studio

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