Cross Tattoos and Its Symbolism

Cross tattoos are a very popular religious symbol, engraved by many people on their body. The Cross-is a very famous Christian religious symbol, it was on the cross that Jesus Christ was crucified. The Christians give lot of relevance to the cross. And it is believed by many believers that a cross tattoo would protect one from the snares of the evil.

The anchor cross is tattooed during periods of suffering, especially amongst Christians. The anchor cross symbolizes hope in the face of adversity.

The crucifix is depicted in several ways; its presentation differs in accordance to the type i.e. the Celtic tattoos, the Tribal tattoos, the Maltese tattoos and the Iron tattoos portray the cross in different styles.

Very popular amongst the seamen, the militarymen, the cross tattoos is basically used mostly by people from the old school of tattooing.

In some culture the cross is used to symbolize nature, family, the four wind elements (intersection of the north, south, east and west directions). It is also used to symbolize life and death.

The cross sign is also used to denote the mathematical sign of “Addition”, and is very famous amongst mathematicians.

Also, the cross symbolizes the point of intersection of both the spiritual and human world.

The Egyptian version of the cross, called the “Ankh” is used to symbolize infinity and fertility; it is also associated with after life.

St Andrew’ cross, which is in the shape of an X and is a symbolism of martyrdom is also very famous amongst the people.

The symbolism of the cross varies from culture to culture, individual-individual, and nation to nation. It also depends on an individuals mind set and personal interpretation of the Cross.

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  1. Tattoos talk a language of your heart. They bring out your emotions and lifestyle . You can use your tattoo designs as a style of expression. Many people use tattoos to speak various things, necessarily their personality. Some also use them to express love and emotions.

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