David Beckhams Tattoos

David Beckham, the famous soccer player, is more known for his love for tattoos, than the game he plays. Like Angelina Jolie, his body also is covered with various tattoos.

Most of his tattoos are done by Louis Malloy, a very famous tattoo artist from UK. It is been observed that every time Beckham gets emotional or is overwhelmed with something, he expresses it in the form of a body art.

It is a form of letting out built up emotions on one hand and a form of inflicting pain on the other.

Most of the tattoos are related either to his professional life or his family. With every major career decision, there is a tattoo inscribed on his body. Also, he has tattooed the name of his sons and his wife on his body.

He has got the names of his sons, tattooed on his body and a very special tattoo of his wife’ name Victoria done in Hindi.

His left arm is one full blown piece of art. The entire arm is covered with artwork.

Chinese letters, prayer requests, Latin phrases, images of his wife, guardian angels and the list is endless.

Watch out for his tattoos, every time he plays. There are a total 9 must see tattoos on his body.

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