Facts About Tattoos

You have got a tattoo done and have no qualms absolutely in flaunting it away. After hours of agony, flashing away the body art is a sign of real achievement.

A tattoo is a real cool fashion statement. But there are certain must know facts which you should be aware of in order to preserve the tattoo on your body. This knowledge will also help you take care of your skin.

Here is a list of facts which will help you stay grounded to reality.

1) According to the National Geographic News Approximately 40 million of the US citizens tattoo themselves every year.

2) “Tattoos” was the most searched term on the internet in July 2002.

3) The tattoo machine is based on the design of a doorbell.

4) Angelina Jolie’ choice of tattoos is ranked as the most wanted tattoos amongst the celebrity tattoos.

5) The oldest tattooed body was of a 5000 old Bronze Age hunger whose body was found amidst the Italian glaciers.

6) The world’ most tattooed man Tom Leppard hails from Scotland. The title for the world’ tattooed woman is shared between Canadian Krystyne Kolorful and American Julia Gnuse. The reason Julia got almost her entire body tattooed is because she wanted to mask her skin from the skin disorder “Porphria”. This disorder is said to disfigure the skin permanently.

7) Psychologists state that “Conformity “is the major reason why people tattoo themselves.

8) People who tattoo themselves are prone to allergic reactions, even much later after they have tattooed themselves.

9) Un-sterilized needles used during tattooing have caused HIV Aids in many people.

10) Skin disorder like the Keloids and Granuloma are mostly found in people who tattoo themselves.

These facts are not just entertaining but also a way of being aware of the consequences of tattooing.

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