Japanese Kanji Tattoos

The demand for Japanese kanji tattoos is growing by leaps and bounds. People often translate an English word into Japanese language and get it inked on their body.

The Japanese language unlike English is a very complex language structure. Comprising of several letters which amount to a 1000 and more they are used in different ways in accordance to the situation. The Japanese language comprises of three different scripts called the Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Certain English phrases cannot be translated in Japanese. The Kanji script cannot be used to translate names of people and places. In such cases the Hiragana and the Katakana script are used.

Also each letter in the Kanji script symbolizes a word for e.g. a character may symbolize fire and another individual letter may symbolize happiness. The letters in the Kanji Script are pictorial and descriptive in nature. A letter that symbolizes Fire may have strokes in the form of fire.

An individual letter at times may contain even 30 strokes at a time. It is very important that one gets the right letter tattooed. One should ensure that they go to a professional who engraves a meaningful tattoo on their body.

Very often people are taken for a ride, they are tattooed with the wrong symbol and become a joke in front of those who know and understand the Japanese language.

It is very important therefore, that you get the right symbol depicting the right meaning on your body tattooed. The non Japanese speaking individuals who wish to get a kanji tattoo should make sure that he/she visits a professional and does proper research before they get a symbol tattooed.

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