Flower Tattoos

Flowers symbolize freshness and beauty and women most often known to be admirers of beauty, are the ones that surround themselves with floral attributes.

Women nowadays are getting flowers tattooed on various parts of their body, and this expression is said to be the latest form of body art.

Flower tattoos are said to be very symbolical. Depending on the kind of flower, the meaning is said to differ.

The reason a person gets a tattoo done is because he/she relates most with that symbol or ideology. Before you get a flower tattooed on your body, it would be good if you knew its meaning. Some of their symbolisms are as follows.

  • Roses and Carnations are said to be eternal expressions of Love.
  • Cherry Blossoms represent and symbolize spiritual beauty.
  • Daisies represent Innocence.
  • Daffodils denote unconditional love.
  • Lotus symbolizes estrangement.
  • Saffron symbolizes sexual energy.
  • Water Lily represents purity of heart.
  • White lilies represent sweetness.
  • Jasmine denotes a happy heart.
  • Tulip symbolizes enchantment.
  • Carnation symbolizes fidelity.
  • Bluebell denotes sorrowful regret.
  • Fuchsia denotes good will.
  • Rhododendron symbolizes aloofness, it voices out the attitude ” I am dangerous, stay away from me”.
  • Buttercup symbolizes riches.

These are the most popular forms of flower tattoos done by most of the women. These tattoos can be done on any part of the body but tattoo experts suggest that they should be done on the back, ankles, neck, breasts and shoulders.

Now that you know the symbolic meaning of a particular tattoo, get one done soon and flaunt it away to glory.

Make sure you get it done at a hygienic tattoo parlour as unhygienic tattooing will lead to skin infection. 

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