Tattoo Ink


A tattoo ink is a very different form of ink. Its purpose like the other forms of ink is the same, to colour a particular area.

As it is used to colour human skin, it consists of components different from other inks. It consists of two main components called the

1) Pigments
2) Carriers

There are different pigments added on to bring out the effect of a particular colour. In case of pigments, several substances like vegetable dyes, metallic salts and plastics are finely grounded and mixed together. When mixed together in a particular proportion, they bring out a particular effect.

Some components used for particular colours are as follows.

In order to get the colour black, carbon pigment is used.
In order to get the colour blue, the pigment Calcium Copper Sulphate is used.
To get a white colour ink, zinc oxide is used.

The use of pigments varies across the different colours used.

Carriers on the other hand are liquids used to deliver the ink beneath the skin. These carriers act like disinfecting agents and also need to be applied carefully. Careless application leads to clumping of ink.

Some of the commonly Used Carriers are

Vodka, Glycerine, Purified Water, Listerine etc.

Facts about Tattoo Inks.

Before applying a tattoo one needs to keep certain points in mind.

A tattoo artist or the manufacturer of the inks often would not like to divulge the components of the ink. Sometimes the ink may contain toxic materials which may cause allergic reactions on your skin.

Also, these unknown components may cause skin infections.

So before, you get yourself tattooed get to know the brand of ink used and the possible reactions it has evoked earlier.

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