Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos have its history rooted in the medieval ages. Henna well known for its medical properties, was greatly used by the Egyptians to sooth various skin ailments.

When people would return back after a long journey traveling across the scorching desert, henna would be applied to soothe the body from the extended exposure to the sun.home_100_0019.jpg

People would apply henna on their bodies to protect the skin from abrasion and blistering.

Also, henna would be used as a sun block and an antiseptic cream. Its medicinal properties are unlimited and used for various purposes.


Then as time progressed people started applying henna in the form of designs on their body. Not only did this style provide medicinal value but also was very eye catching. This became a fashion statement and gained a lot of prominence. This later gave form to the eye-catching henna tattoo trend.

In the modern times henna tattoos have spread across various cultures and people all over are going in for the latest henna tattoos.

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