Tribal Tattoos

Tattoo is a symbolic way of stating that you belong to a particular group or society. It has been prevalent sine the time of early man. A tattoo was used to denote the fact that one belongs to a particular tribe or clan.

A tattoo is a personalized way of saying that the belief or view that one is having engraved on the body is of utmost importance to them.

The art of carving images or symbols on the body initially developed in the form of tribal tattoos. The early man would first use, a sharp stick, dip it into the fire and then carve images. They also would use various natural tools like reeds and other wooden forms to drive the ink into the skin.

The oldest proof of tribal tattoos can be found on the Egyptian mummies, it was then that tattoos begin to denote marks of status and ranks. A 5000 year old mummy discovered in the Italian glaciers was said to be covered with tattoos; this denotes the age old prevalence of tattoos.  Tattoos was also used to represent marks of fertility, and strong emotional feelings.

Tattoos earlier were drawn on almost the entire body, including the face. Tribal tattoos are spread across various cultures from New Zealand to Europe to the Native Americans. Each culture has its own interpretation of the tattoo but the motive to tattoo is the same.

The demand for tribal tattoos has resurfaced in modern times and a lot of interest has been shown lately in this area.

Coloured tattoos are replaced with the traditional black and white ink. Tribal tattoos are viewed with lot of relevance these days.

If you want to go in for one, select something that suits your frame of mind and personality.

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