Tattoo and Its Care

Tattoos are a permanent way of beautifying your body. With more and more parlors coming up, it has become all the more important that you choose your parlor carefully.

Tattoos: Beautiful but Fatal

Tattoos do look beautiful but if uncared for might even prove fatal for you. Hence, do not take it casually. Care for your tattoo as much as you care for your body. Pay attention to your tattoo both before and after its done.


Sit down with your tattoo artist and ask for the license. A professional tattoo artist is bound to have a certificate of a course on transmission of infectious diseases.

Look around the parlor to ensure that it’ clean. Also check out the equipments like gloves, single use needles, autoclave and EPA approved disinfectants. Carelessness on your part might result in the transmission of HIV virus into your body which could be fatal. Be cautious and verify the above to avoid transmission of any kind of infection into your body.

Bad news for alcohol addicts – you might have to resist yourself from drinking for the day, as alcohol makes your blood thinner which might result in heavy bleeding during and after the tattooing process.

A longer tattoo session might cause great exhaustion. It won’t be a bad idea therefore to get someone with you for company and support. Bring along some juices and snacks to keep your energy flowing.


The usual time that a tattoo takes to heal is around two to four weeks. However, it also depends on the size and the place.

It is advisable to remove the bandage only after two hours of its completion. Avoid taking a shower immediately after tattooing. Avoid rubbing your tattoo. Application of an unscented moisturizer is recommended but do not pick up the flakes that are bound to come out.

Exposure of the tattoo to sunlight or water for a longer period of time affects its brightness. Carry sunscreen and avoid public pools to keep infections at bay and your tattoo bright and beautiful forever.

Note: Consult your doctor if you see any kind of swelling, redness or scar as these might be symptoms of infections.

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