Tattoo Itching – How to Control It?

Everyone who got a tattoo knows that the tattoos cause itching till it is completely healed. Sometimes the itching will be severe, and it seems that there is now way to get out of it. However, there are some good ways that can help you from itching.


This is the best way to stop tattoo itching. It may be a painful experience depending on the body part where the tattoo is.

Rubbing lotion

You can alleviate itching by rubbing lotion on it. But, you should not do it until 2nd or 3rd day after getting the tattoo.

Cold water

If you run cold water over the tattoo it helps in controlling the itching. As in case of slapping, here also it is difficult to control itching of tattoos in ‘difficult-to-reach’ areas.


Applying ice on the tattoo numbs the area and controls itching.

In case any of the above ideas does not help in controlling tattoo itching, consult your tattoo artist to find out any other helpful tips and ideas.

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