Easy Tips to Cover Up Prison Tattoos

The name “prison tattoos” may suggest you that tattooing is done in the prison. But, it is not really so. Prison tattoos got their name as they were mostly acquired in prisons. Prison tattoos are done at home also using non-professional inks like India ink. Normally, home made gun, needle or guitar string is used to apply prison tattoos.

Sometimes, you may want to cover the tattoo if it is of very poor quality or very bad. Here we give you some tips and guidelines to cover up prison tattoos.

  • Before covering up the tattoo take time to decide whether you really want it or not. Sometimes, the tattoo may hold special significance to you and you want to remove it only because someone else does not like it.
  • Find out if the tattoos can be covered or not. In some cases it may be impossible because the tattoo is large and dark.
  • Consult a professional to know the various options to cover the tattoos. The tattoo professional will guide on the design choices – go for color design or simply a black and grey cover up.
  • To know whether the tattoo artist can do a better job or not you should look into his work profile. Professional and good artists will definitely keep an album having before and after covering, which speaks loud about their quality of work.
  • Consult more than one tattoo artist. It’ not bad if you consult even 4-5 artists to choose the best one.
  • Go for a tattoo design that is bigger and darker than the original tattoo, to cover the prison tattoo perfectly.
  • In case it is not possible to cover the tattoos, you can go for options like laser tattoo removal. But, keep in mind that it is a costly and painful option. Sometimes it may take several sessions of treatment and still the tattoo may not fade away.

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