Symbolism of Lion Tattoos

Everyone is fascinated by the power of the jungle king- the King Lion. Tattoo is a very popular form of art to express your inner qualities. Lion tattoos are popular for creating a personal style statement. Lion tattoo is a way to express your love and passion towards the lion and the body art.

Lion tattoos are not just the symbol of appreciation but signify different types of meanings since early times. These meanings could be truly magical as well as interesting way to express your inner characteristics.

Here is the list of the popular symbolisms which are represented by the lion tattoo.

  • Leo is the zodiac sign which is clearly represented by Lion himself. Leo zodiac sign tattoos are the most common and popular lion tattoos.
  • Lion not only represents the zodiac but also your personality and destiny. It is also represents the true qualities of born Leo’ (July 23-August 22) like powerful, brave and highly opinionated.
  • The Lion tattoo besides representing your inner qualities it also symbolize the various ancient beliefs related to religion or mythology.
  • Different countries have different ways to constitute the Lion symbol to represent great power or sacredness.
  • You can see representation of lion tattoo as symbol of power in ancient Japanese and Chinese art.
  • Lastly Lion tattoos are also linked with the quality of royalty, hence Lion is also known as King of Beasts.

Lion tattoos not only serve the purpose of great body art design but it truly defines your inner qualities to everyone who see it.

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