Henna Tattoos can Cause Lifelong Allergy

A trendy henna tattoo can cause months of pain and discomfort, even a lifelong allergy to a common chemical named para-phenlyene diamine (PPD).

Henna is relatively safe and has been used for many years in hair dyes and temporary skin tattoos. However according to The London Free Press, black henna ink contains para-phenlyene diamine (PPD) as an additive to darken the color, and many people become sensitized to PPD after receiving a temporary tattoo.

If once you are sensitized to PPD, you will be sensitized for the rest of your life. After this you have to avoid many products because your body will react strongly to them and may endanger your life.

Exposure to PPD, even in low concentrations such as those in hair dyes can lead to a delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

PPD sometimes can cause severe rash all over the body, swelling or itching for months. Doctors suggest people with sensitive skin to avoid henna tattoos especially the black ones.The problem is not with the henna dye itself but the chemical PPD which is sometimes added to make the tattoo darker. Do remember to check for PPD before buying any henna brand.

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