Hindu Tattoos

As compared to other religious tattoos, Hindu tattoos are not so popular. Many Hindus think that religion should not become fashion accessory. Some even think that these religious symbols should be kept dirt free and clean, moreover these religious symbols are not meant to be inked on your skin. Still there are few Hindu symbols which are popular as tattoos.

The Om Symbol Tattoo:
Om tattoo is the most common and popular Hindu tattoo design. Om word is derived from Sanskrit. The word Om is considered as a primordial sound which created earth. It is considered as the symbol of development. It starts in the lungs and finishes on the lips when pronounced. Omkar is the symbol which represents Om.

The Trishula Tattoo:
According to Hindu religion Trishula is considered to be ceremonial weapon for the Lord Shiva. It means trident and the 3 prongs are considered to represent the 3 powers. It is the second most common Hindu symbol for tattoos.

Other popular Hindu tattoos are Om Mani tattoo, Lotus with Om tattoo, Buddhist tattoo and Tibetian tattoo. Lotus is considered as an important symbol because according to Hindu mythology creator of the world, Lord Brahma was born from lotus. Even in Buddhism lotus is considered to represent Lord Buddha’ ascendant, nature and pure. Many people like to mix Om and trisula tattoo which expresses better and looks good.

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