Tattoos: Health Risks and Toxicity

Tattooing is a trend that became popular in America and Europe in early 90′. This art is most popular among teenagers and the age group of 25 to 29. In the name of self expression and art many people are injecting harmful chemicals under their skin. The inks used for tattoos may act as allergens, mutagens, carcinogens or teratogens.

In the early days, people used skin friendly natural dyes for tattooing. These dyes used to be extracted from natural sources; that’ why they are safe for the skin. But, nowadays, the dyes used for tattooing contain various metallic salts, organic dyes and plastics floating in their carrier solutions. These are harmful to your skin and cause many skin problems.

Why tattoos are bad for your skin? Know the facts

• Do you know – about 40% of the colorants used for permanent tattooing are not even approved as safe skin ingredient.
• About 20% of the colorants contain carcinogenic amines.
• Many of the colorants used are found to be the part of printer inks and automobile paints.
• The carrier solution also has harmful chemicals like toxic aldehydes, denatured alcohols, antifreeze, detergents and formaldehydes.
• These dyes have harmful minerals like titanium dioxides and iron oxides. Other harmful chemicals found are naphthol derivatives, carbon black, azo dyes, acridine etc.

The price of not being aware of the negative side of tattooing

Apart from metallic allergies, scarring and removal problems the other problems faced are

• Most common problem faced is allergies to the permanent dyes
• Alcohol based carriers when used increase the permeability of the skin hence allowing more chemicals to penetrate the skin
• Sometimes temporary henna tattoos may cause delayed allergies and hyper sensitization of the skin
• Tattoos may also result in long-term health effects like cancers, mutagenic reactions and biochemical changes which may be carried to generations

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