Religious Tattoos and their Significance

Tattooing the body is the vogue of today’ fashion. People are crazy about tattooing their bodies with different tattoo designs.

A lot of Christians and non Christians are getting tattooed for both personal and spiritual reasons.

Religious tattoos have become one of the hottest sectors of the tattoo industry. A recent survey amongst tattoo artists suggests that about one-third of the tattoos being requested are spiritual symbols and art, including crosses and detailed images of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

Religious tattoos have been around for thousands of years but they haven’t always been accepted as they are nowadays. It is no longer dictated by society. Tattoos, like religion, have become a personal thing.

Religious tattoos can include gods, angels, and crosses. Demons, demi-gods, the four horsemen of the apocolypse, skulls, images of rapture, redemption or atonement image of the Virgin Mary, praying hands etc.

Significance of religious tattooing in today’ world

  • Nowadays religious tattooing is becoming more and more a form of expression of individuality, identity and faith.
  • It is used to reflect people’ spiritual and religious beliefs.
  • Instead of worshipping religious representations displayed on stained glass windows of the local church, people find meaning in inscribing images on their own private temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Religious tattooing is done to express one’ attitudes and beliefs.
  • Nowadays people like to announce their religion with a tattoo.
  • Some religious tattoos are considered a type of guardian aid to render certain virtuous life or insure entry into an afterlife, while others are a merely a tool of religious inducement.
  • It is a great way for modern-day Christians to express a commitment to their faith in a new and radical way.
  • Religious tattoos became a way for people to express and even share their faith with others.

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