Dove Tattoos

Dove is considered as a symbol of the Holy Ghost in some of the Christian denominations. The tattoo of a dove is a universal symbol of peace. In the Bible, many times the dove is mentioned as playing a very significant role. This shows the importance of the Dove. The Dove became a powerful symbol as a harbinger of hope.

The tattoo of a Dove is considered as a symbol of peace, and so peace activists prefer to get the tattoo of a dove.

Some people believe that the flight of a released dove also signifies the release of the soul after death. According to the European art, a dove is an early Christian symbol which means ‘rest in peace’. For this reason, many have the Dove tattoo on their bodies sometimes with reference to a name of someone close to them who has passed away. In China, the Dove tattoo is considered as a symbol of long life.

A pair of Doves is usually considered as a ‘symbol of love’. It is believed that Doves mate for life. Some choose to have two Doves placed together or one on each shoulder, arm etc.

There is lots of variety in sizes of these tattoos, from very tiny to large. You can also get Dove tattoos done with other combinations.

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