Cross Tattoos

Cross tattoos have become very popular over the years. Cross tattoos have always been a matter of debate, because of their shape. But, one thing is certain that Cross tattoos carry some significance. Cross tattoo is considered as a powerful spiritual symbol.For many people the Celtic cross have been symbols of history and past. It is also a symbol of faith and heritage to many people in the world.

Some people believe that a cross tattoo visually expresses their faith and it allows secular individuals to transform their own spiritual experience. When it comes to religious body art symbol, the cross tattoos are popular tattoo design. Cross tattoos represent spiritualism rather than physical attributes. Cross tattoos also signify peace, love and compassion.

Cross tattoos are worn by everyone. A cross tattoo can be a traditional Christian cross, a tribal cross, a Celtic cross, a gothic cross or a Latin cross with a rosary, wings or praying hands.

Cross tattoos were even trendier than now during the Anglo- Saxon days. While entering the Holy Land, crusaders used to mark their hands with a cross, not as a celebration of their faith, but as a sign that they wanted a Christian burial. Members of the Coptic Church in Egypt believed a trip to the holy land without some form of religious tattoo to be incomplete.

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