Tribal Tattoos and Their Meanings

For ages tattoos have been used as a symbol by all humans. The first tattoos were given and received by taking a sharp stick and dipping it into the ashes from a fire. Other tools that were used are reeds and wooden mallets. These tools were used to drive the ink into the skin. Man discovered that when this was done on the body, it would leave a thick, black mark. Once it healed the mark would become permanent.

This was initially used as a form of camouflage more than as a method of decoration. Even the Egyptian mummies have been found to have worn tattoos. Over the years this practice began evolving as a way of showing loyalty to a particular group or tribe. If someone traveled, he could easily be identified in regards to which tribe he was a part of, simply by seeing his tattoo. People get tattoos done anywhere on the body including the face.

The tribal tattoos changed into something even more significant. The tribal people used to get tattoos done for several reasons. Below are few reasons.

• To identify the group or clan a person belongs to
• They depicted scenes from the war they had been a part of.
• When loved ones passed, the tattoo of an eagle or wolf would be tattooed on family members. This was done to show struggle the deceased person went through in life.
• In addition to a tribal tattoo, ancient men and women used to wear a marriage tattoo also.
• Ancient adolescents approaching maturity would often come under the prick of the tribal tattoo point before being socially accepted as an adult.
• Magically charged tribal tattoos were used as love spells and charms.

Tattoos are a permanent way of expressing oneself. People get tattoos done to prove their loyalty to a particular tribe or clan. Tribal tattooing is still performed today, and the tribal symbols used in tattooing are even now a very popular choice.

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