Types of Henna Designs

Henna is one of the forms of temporary tattoos. Henna is a flowering plant which has dye in its leaves that is responsible for the coloring. There are three main types of henna designs: African, Arabic and Indian

African designs:

African designs are bold, big designs with broad lines. They usually have geometric patterns which are inspired by African themes. In Africa some people use black henna. This type of henna is considered to be unsafe because it may cause allergies to some people

Arabic Designs:

Arabic designs are also large designs and they are inspired by nature. Floral designs are more common in Arabic designs. The lines are thick, but smaller than the African ones. In the Middle East and North Africa people use natural henna.

Indian henna:

Of all the types of henna designs the designs of India are the most elaborate and delicate designs. The patterns look almost like lace. The lines are very fine and the design uses the typical Indian patterns.

Henna tattoos are all about showcasing your creativity. You can try different combinations to make your own and beautiful designs.

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