Types of Tattoos

Tattoos are of different types and forms. Each and every tattoo has a unique meaning and significance.

Here are some types of tattoos

Naturalistic Tattoos

When an effort is made to depict things in a natural style, they take a natural form. Naturalistic tattoos fall in this category. The depiction includes detailing, shading and perspective to make an image look realistic. Some of the common naturalistic tattoos include faces of religious leaders.

Pledge or Commitment Deigns

Pledge tattoos are common in the Western society. They include designs of hearts, anchors, names, and military regiment names. Of all tattoos the pledge or commitment tattoos are the least expensive. But in the recent past the popularity of pledge tattoos has gone down.


Abstractions are derived from ancient designs. They consist of black ink and jet gray shading. Abstractions usually have very minimal artwork. For example Old English letters and Chinese symbols are used for abstractions.

Intricate Structures or Combinations

Intricate structures or combination tattoos mix different types of designs and styles. They mix and match designs to make combinations.

Simplifications or Stylized Designs

Simplifications and stylized designs are common designs which are given a stylish touch. This may range from a cartoon character, flash from the wall of the tattoo shop to animals or flowers. This may include hearts, stylized flowers, leaves, and other images and characters. These tattoos, as their name implies, can appear in a vast array of shapes, sizes and styles.

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