Star Tattoos and Their Significance

A star tattoo is a very simple design. Though it is the simplest design, if applied in the right way, it has a great impact. A star tattoo represents a lot of things, for example it could be a shooting star, a religious star or an astrological star. So as a design, the star tattoo is versatile.

Star tattoos are very small, so it is less time consuming and also the pain is less. Due to these reasons many people get it done as the first tattoo on their body. Because of this star tattoos are popular as “First Tattoos”.

Among star tattoos the most popular tattoo is that of a shooting star. It is a very simple design which depicts a shooting star. It is mostly done on the upper shoulder and sometimes on the leg.

The reasons for getting a star tattoo vary from person to person. For some people star tattoos symbolize achievement or success in life. For many people star tattoos have religious significance. Earlier people used to get star tattoos done to symbolize the passing of a loved one. Also, some do it when a new child arrives.

A star tattoo is considered as a symbol, and the meaning of a particular tattoo depends on the number of points the tattoo has.

As a light shining in the dark, the star is often considered as a symbol of truth, spirit and hope. The symbol of the star symbolizes the concept of the divine spark within each of us. Their nocturnal nature leads stars to symbolize the struggle against the forces of darkness and the unknown.

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